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When to Set Your New Moon Intention?

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Intention Setting

Do I set my intention at the exact time of the New Moon?

If you have been following the Lunar Abundance practice, you will know that it starts with crafting your intentions at the New Moon (You can find out more about that here).

This post is about when to set your New Moon intention.

There may be good reasons for why practice suggestions are made (and I offer some below!) but if someone tells you must practice in a certain way, this may be a moment to practice discernment.

When we start a new practice – even a spiritual practice – we often bring over our old ways of needing to “get it right”.

We don’t need to imbue this practice with rigidity and perfectionism.

What I offer here is guidance to help you flow with the moon’s cycle, to become more gentle and loving with yourself, to trust more and enter into the flow of life.

The entire Lunar Abundance practice is intentionally designed to help you to cultivate self-knowledge, and create a better life.

There is some structure to this practice, and there are reasons why I suggest to do things in a certain way if you are following along with me.

So, with that in mind, as a general principle:

I suggest that you set your New Moon intention at the time of the New Moon, or once the new cycle has actually started (in other words, not before the New Moon).

Why? So often we race forwards to the Next Thing without pausing to take stock of where we are.

Part of this practice is to reflect on what has come to pass. As the moon wanes to darkness in the sky, one lunar cycle is drawing to a close. This is the time take the opportunity to practice reflecting on that previous lunar cycle.

Too often, we don’t take the time to look back to celebrate our achievements, and to feel into the best way forward for our dreams. This is why I suggest that we complete one lunar cycle before we start the next. Notice where you have been, give thanks for what you have received or learnt, and celebrate!

Then, I suggest that you set your intention on or just after the New Moon

I encourage you set to your intentions shortly after the New Moon time (I send emails with the time each month).

Again, don’t worry if it’s not on the buzzer. It does not need to be to the minute.

If the new moon is at 3 a.m. for instance, I don’t get up to set my intention. I am busy worshipping at the Temple of Sleep, and I’ll set my intention when I awake in the morning.

Remember, in Lunar Abundance we are working with the moon as a natural timekeeper. We are not suggesting that the Moon is actually making us do something. However, when you set your intention as close to the New Moon as possible that means that you get the benefit of a full lunar cycle (so, the month ahead) to work with your intention.

In the Lunar Abundance practice, we set our intentions at the New rather than Full Moon

This is because the New Moon is the first of eight moon phases: the beginning of the moon cycle, so the symbolic time for us to begin (again).

The Full Moon, for me, is a time to practice other abundance principles- that of impermanence, release, course-correction, and right action. I’ll write more about these in future posts.

If you forget to set your intention at the New Moon,

it is not too late.  You can still set an intention in the New Moon phase.

The New Moon phase lasts three or four days, depending on which moon cycle we’re in – you can find out the time/date of the next New Moon phase by downloading your free Lunar Planner for the Northern or Southern Hemisphere right here.

You can still set an intention if you miss the New Moon phase all together, although that means that you won’t have the full moon cycle to work with your intention.

If you come to the intention-setting much later in the cycle, you could take the opportunity to start tracking the moon and feeling your feelings and make a note of the next New Moon date so that you can return and set an intention at that stage.

I also email with times and dates for the new moon so you will never forget: sign up to receive these free email alerts here.

If you would like to set an intention that is not connected with the moon cycle, by all means, set an intention whenever you like. However if you’d like to practice my personal practice, which is a multi-layered practice that harnesses the power of the moon as natural time-keeper, and which has many benefits like bringing us back into connection with our bodies, feelings, and our natural environment – then the time to set an intention is at the New Moon.

The New Moon phase is just the first step in the Lunar Abundance practice,

Lunar Abundance is based on all 8 phases of the moon cycle. I teach the practice in depth in the online Lunar Abundance Salon, but you can start the practice right now though – by setting an intention at the next New Moon, and witnessing what unfolds in your own life as a result.

In future blog posts I will be returning with more about these other phases, and more information to help you with how to set a new moon intentions and also how to also some guidance on what new moon intentions to set.

For now I hope this piece has given some helpful guidance about how to start working with the Lunar Abundance practice.



In the comments, I’d love to hear from you: has this helped you with the timing of your New Moon intentions?

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  • Yes that is great to know thanks Ezzie! And that I was on track not doing it before the new moon 🙂

  • Ezzie, last new moon I set the intention to start waking up early and starting my day at that time. I had a habit of waking then staying in bed and going back to sleep and finally waking up late and more tired. Slowly, but surely, I started feeling more and more intrinsic motivation to move my body out of bed in the mornings. Now, as we approach this next new moon, I have not been able to stay in bed past 7:30 am even in vacation.

    What a wonderful change in my life! Thank you for sharing this practice xx

  • This is so very helpful, thank you! I have been going through a rough couple of months and was looking forward to the energy of the next moon cycle to help me set some intentions and find some clarity of purpose. I’m excited to see I found your work just in time and look forward to reading more about how to set me New Moon intentions.

  • Hi, Ezzie:


    I want to let you know that I read carefully everything you share and practice along. Setting intentions has become so much easier… it feels “natural” now and before it kinda felt like “school homework”, something I HAD TO DO…. and all these because of your great advice!!!!

    Please keep sharing !!!!!


  • Absolutely love this Ezzie, thank you so much for sharing!! Never thought of setting my intentions just after the New Moon so as to be able to complete the full cycle first, so thank you! xx

  • Thank you for this! I just caught myself last night trying to “plan ahead” for my next intention. Ironically, my current (and very first lunar!) intention is a sort of *allowance of time*; akin to patience, but trying to sink deeper into those waters, and letting time guide me to the next thing, instead of me feeling like I need to drive it, achieve it, and check it off of a list. That’s actually what I’ve loved about this so far – a new way of seeing goal-setting not necessarily as a checklist (it’s either Done or it’s Not Done, and if it’s Not Done, I’m somehow Failing), but more as a way to intuitively and gently guide my boat down the river.

    Thank you for this practice! I’m really enjoying it, and enjoying learning more as I go.

  • Hey Ezzie, youve saying to set your intention on or after the New Moon begins but some of us are new to this and we don’t know how to do that. Do you mind posting how we do that? For instance do you go outside and look up at the sky and say what you want to accomplish? Do you right it down, burn the paper and scatter the ashes? I would like to know how does one go about setting an intention and making it known to the universe?

  • Good Morning Ezzie- this was so helpful and relieving. I’m a beginner w/ the New Moon and the benefits of it. My cousin is slowly guiding me through it. I thought I missed the opportunity to set my intentions for the New Moon and didn’t feel good about it at all. I’m so happy…I kept hearing my cousin’s voice, “as long as you set your intention at the time of the new moon you will be ok.” So not being able to sleep I googled what happens if I missed the New Moon and there it was your blog. All the information I needed. Most of all…letting me know I still have time to do everything I planned to do for the New Moon.

    Thank You Ezzie!!!

    • Elle – you’re so welcome, lovely! Enjoy setting intentions with that sense of relief, and be sure to download your free lunar planner from my site to receive a free email mini-series with more about how to set intentions, Lunar Abundance style. xo

  • Hi Ezzie!
    Quick question about this… and I’m going to be doing more research and listening to all of your podcasts to forgive me if this has already been answered, but is an intention different from a goal? Is it more of a personal growth intention or can it also be things such as getting new clients? And can there be multiple intentions? So I guess that was multiple questions but thank you in advance!

  • Thank you for this! So just to clarify, If I missed the new moon in Cancer last night.. can I still set my intentions today/tonight and still be able to work with the moon phases this cycle?

  • I made an error thinking the New Moon was on the 18th Oh July and went outside and set my intentions then,,,,then discovered the new moon was actually the 23rd of July. I know I can utilize this new moon….but what happens to the intentions I set out on the 18th 5 days before the new moon 🙁

  • Thank you for writing this post! I was definitely worried about getting it perfect and the actual correct timing of when to set intentions for the new moon. This post really helped me! 🙂