Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

What’s a Paschal Full Moon?

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Paschal Full Moon

… and what does it have to do with abundance?

The Paschal Full Moon tends to fall in late March or early- mid April each year.

The timing is key (true of much of what I write about, and never so true as with this Paschal Full Moon, as it coincides with a lunar eclipse- a climactic moment of release).

The Paschal Full Moon has always been an opportunity for me to dive deep within, and consciously release what I’m carrying from one season – literal, and metaphorical.

A chance to shed an old skin, and to release old “stuff” that is holding me back from even greater peace and prosperity.

We can all do this, as we move into the next season, and embark on the next phase of our lives.

So what is it?

Weirdly, the Paschal Full Moon is an approximate lunar date. It does not always correspond with a Full Moon, although it just-about does.

The Paschal Full Moon is the first Ecclesiastical Full Moon after 20 March each year. Easter Sunday is the Sunday that follows the Paschal Full Moon.

Totally misleading name there, by the way. Ecclesiastical Full Moons are not necessarily Full Moons. Rather, these occur on the 14th day of the lunar cycle.

Why set Ecclesiastical Full Moon times? Fake moon times? The Full Moon does not always fall exactly on the 14th day of the cycle, because the moon has an unpredictable orbit, where she ducks and weaves as she feels fit (she represents our feminine natures, non?). But, to summarise, the ecclesiastical (church) rulers of yore wanted greater predictability, and so the moon got a special Ecclesiastical Full Moon time, set in stone, each month.

And 20th March is the equinox at the time that the Ecclesiastical Full Moon times were laid down in stone back in the early centuries C.E. Our (Gregorian) calendar doesn’t quite match the length of time that the Earth takes to orbit the Sun, so the astronomical equinox actually drifts a bit.

{and on a separate but related point, no, the constellations don’t actually correlate with the area in the sky/ecliptic that we accord to the zodiacial signs as we know them either, one reason why we have the recurrent “Ophiuchus! The 13th star sign!” meme every now and again}.

The point is more the way that systems work than the stars, and understanding that our natural rhythms are more important than divination.

But I digress.

The Paschal Full Moon has everything to do with Easter. The etymology of the word is Greek and Hebrew, and is linked to “Passover”, with all that implies. The Paschal Full Moon is related to ceremony with older roots in earlier systems. With the themes, of course, of death and rebirth.

Release of the old, restoration, renewal

The Paschal Full Moon whispers so much to us:

– The unpredictable, erratic, and wildly feminine moon- trying to be contained, all the while retaining her secret, personal cycle

our life force is un-squashable!

– The importance of honouring our cycles

feeling our natural rhythms is the key to connecting with our soul, our truth

– Abundance needing the fallow times, abundance needing rebirth, abundance needing us to clear out the old, to make way for the New.

honoring the yin and the yang, essential for prosperity

I for one am craving this Paschal Moon. Time to go within, and rest.

Time to shed another old skin.

Time to land.

What will you be releasing under this Full Moon, Paschal as it is?

Tell me below.





  • Hi Ezzie, I’m fairly new to your blog and I am fascinated by this paschal moon occurring in March. I recently realised, going back over diaries and work notebooks, that March is where I often feel at my lowest. During bouts of depression, March is often when I feel most vulnerable and often suicidal. This is all very interesting and I plan on reading up on this as much as possible. Thanks again for your always interesting posts.

    • Sending you a big hug, Bec. Interested to hear more of the results of your reflections and research. Lots of love. Ezzie

  • Thank you so much Izzie. Your posts are always refreshing and nourishing, with that touch of lunar poetic grace. I’ve been feeling this month particularly demanding regarding what to let go, what to release, and how to…and for me this paschal moon is going to be the occasion of really celebrating what has to go, what has to be cleared away and fully embracing the space for the new. In my case I lost most of my important music (data crash) this month and have to really embrace the change and the renewal of all this work. Your post is fully inspiring. Greetings from Paris.

    • Saluting your approach on the data crash, Lola. Thanks for writing (and lunar poetry- happy to take that on anytime!) xo

  • I hope I’m ready to release some of my judging ways, letting go of judgment and encouraging in discernment instead. Thanks Ezzie xxx

    • Ah yes- it may well be time to cultivate greater discernment collectively! You’re welcome, Sarah xx

  • How curious. I had never heard of the Paschal moon but it makes so much sense in my life. I am a Pisces with a March birthday so this time of year is always big for me. I always feel like I’m starting something new or releasing the old around now. I’m so interested in how the Paschal moon plays a part in this. Looking forward to exploring this concept more. Thanks for the informative post! xo

  • Hi Ezzie!
    I’m letting go of fear – fear that the Universe will not support me financially. I repeatedly hear messages confirming that it will and I used to fully trust but negative thinking has crept in over the past few years, and I’m shedding that negative thinking and fear now.

  • Hi Ezzie, thank you so much for this post and I think you know how excited I am to finally ‘be allowed’ to let go of the past at this paschal full moon after concentrating on opening my heart at the new moon. Thank you for your advise to wait, as I had a massive revelation in the last two weeks and only because of the revelation I am now able to celebrate letting go of one particular pattern – the celebration feels juicy!!! xxx

  • Really feeling I need to let go as well. Ironically, mother nature sent me her oh so lovely monthly present the day before the blood moon, this Paschal moon, and I’ve been feeling more horrendous than usual, physically and especially emotionally. The change in my mood and self-esteem was so sudden and downhill, I had definitely been wondering what was up. The dramatic insecurity I felt led me to get into a spat with my boyfriend, and later my mom, and I’ve been feeling more and more worthless because of it. Perhaps that is a sort of death in itself, and now that it has surfaced, I can release it, like a bird that must fall from the tree to take its first flight. I’m hoping that now I can open my eyes and let go of my insecurities and find peace within myself, and feel alive.

  • Oh yes I can feel the moon’s call for me to let go this month. I’m menstruating and my pmt has been outrageous.. a sign I need to tune in and of cause i let my inner wild, crazy deeply emotional self run the show for a few days.. I always feel guilty after an outburst thought for her impact on my husband. I climbed into the bath tonight and slipped deeeeeeeep into a meditation of awareness around my womb and my name of my baby i lost this time 8 years ago rose up into my consciousness, I needed to let my grief and anger go. I visualised burying it and started singing in the bath… wooah powerful moon so cleansing.. deep surrender and letting go

  • Thank you for this! I’m making a big release this full moon – releasing the need to conform to society’s ideals of what is important and following my heart. I’m resigning from my full time job to spend more time with my son and pursue my own business as a yoga instructor. I am nervous, but feel more at ease knowing it is in line with Divine timing.

  • Hi Ezzie had amazing illuminating dreams last night after reading your blog. Am letting go of insecurity, the root of much sadness and staying small. Thank you xo

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