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Launch: New or Full Moon?

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Launch at New or Full Moon

My answer may surprise you.

This article is relevant for you if you are an entrepreneur, planning to offer an online eCourse or eBook or a new service offering.

There is an art to timing all such requests or offers.

But there is actually something that is more to the point.

This is usually glossed over in answers to whether it is “better to launch on a New or Full Moon…”

That is, you cannot game the universe. You’ll learn what you are ripe to learn.

(and anyone who has ever launched knows what an opportunity to learn it is!)

And a key element of your success remains with what you bring to the table : in other words, the core abundance principle of giving value still applies.

A general rule of thumb:

Launching on a New Moon (the first of eight moon phases) will help you seed a longer-term project, especially if you set an intention for how you want to feel. It’s a quieter energy, a time to plant seeds and wait for these to bear fruit.

On the other hand, there can be more ‘pop’ in launching on a Full Moon (the fifth of eight moon phases). The light may give you greater visibility.

Both are Yang phases, with the action-oriented energy that involves.

But that’s just the beginning.

Launches and so forth always need to be based in reality, meaning that you need to pay attention to things like the day of the week (do you really want to send out a mass email or contact your boss at 3am on a Sunday morning, even if you are keen on New Moon timing?).

And don’t put yourself under stress to make a deadline- that is the antithesis of what I teach in L.A., which is to be gentle with yourself.

But there’s something else, too. If you’ve been following along with your free Lunar Abundance planner and my Instagram updates, you’ll know that giving value is a core abundance principle in the Lunar Abundance technique.

And when you are considering your launch / request, the most important factor to consider is how much value you are giving.

Giving value is not the same thing as working hard, or sharing your passion, and doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of money to glam up your offering.

These may contribute to the value of your offering, but value is its own proposition altogether. That is determined by the beholder.

You can’t game the universe.

I know this first-hand, having poured months upon months of hard work, love – and cash – into developing online courses. My first course on the moon cycles was launched in 2013, and I am forever grateful to the small and committed group who joined the original Spencer Salon. I launched again in 2014, with a dramatic upgrade. The sales eclipsed those of the first course tenfold, making it a viable proposition to upgrade the course and run it again.

Both launches were timed by the moon. Both were important for me in that I learnt a lot.

Even though I gave my all to both courses, the difference between them was that between the two launches I worked out how to give much more value. And whilst the launch date was significant, it was not the most significant factor in what was a way more successful launch the second time around.

Giving value also applies in a work setting. When I first asked for a pay rise in 2007, buoyed by reading Dr Lois Frankel’s Why Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office and discussions in the feminist law society that I was in at the time, I recall making a case around fairness- that I wasn’t paid as much as my colleagues, and I wanted to be paid more because I deserved to be.

My bosses were quite taken aback, I think, and gave me a raise. I was elated. But I tried a similar argument at the next year’s annual performance review, it failed, and I felt totally deflated.

I eventually learnt how to negotiate much more effectively, and to create, understand, translate and quantify the benefits of my work.

So by all means, launch on a Full Moon for visibility. Or, align your launch with the New Moon and feel your intention for that specific lunar cycle, L.A. style.

But don’t miss the vitally important point.

If what you are really asking is how to make the most money from your launch or your job, the answer also involves you demonstrating how you will give your client or your boss what she really wants- not merely your blood, sweat and cosmic tears.

xo Ezzie

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