Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Jennifer Mullan 2

“Working with Dr. Ezzie Spencer produced a cataclysmic shift in my perspective- and more so in how I FEEL about my future. She has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way.

So often I find myself embedded in work that is either very “goal-oriented/ masculine” or extremely “feeling based/ feminine” and although I love both for various parts and periods of my life, Ezzie is an alchemist creating an experience that allowed me to SEE myself and true possibilities for my future with a marriage of both the yin and the yang.

Ezzie has firmly awakened my vision to that of one of economic empowerment and financial and professional freedom- with an evolving plan that is FEELING based. Working with Ezzie was one of my best investments in myself.”

Dr. Jennifer Mullan, New York City


“It’s no exaggeration to say I’ve been searching for the Lunar Abundance practice most of my life. I’ve always been fascinated by rhythms and systems. At 16 I started tracking the moon, but lacked a way to make it meaningful to my life. By university I was studying women’s rhythms and rituals as part of my anthropology major. To discover a system that made lunar cycles tangible and applicable to a modern woman felt like somewhat of a holy grail.

What I’ve loved most about applying Ezzie’s unique practice is cultivating a healthy framework for abundance and how it relates to my wellbeing. It’s pretty magical actually. Now I know I can expand into my abundance gently, day by day. I’ll be practicing this technique for the rest of my life. It’s that good. Too good not to share. I’m so glad Ezzie decided not to keep this system to herself.”

Kate Erlenbusch, Writer,


“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I joined the Lunar Abundance Salon, except that I sensed it would have to be felt. And that’s exactly what this course is about: feeling and experiencing our lives fully with stability, growth and flow by tuning into ourselves and the moon’s cycles.

The whole practice has been a great comfort to me over the past 12 months and embracing its rhythm has been invaluable. I trust Ezzie’s guidance over any other cosmic guru and the method she has created is truly supportive.”

Francesca Maspero,


“Becoming a member of the Lunar Abundance Salon was one of the best decisions I made this year. I’m truly grateful to have had the experience of being guided by Ezzie throughout the past year; it has felt like tapping into… MAGIC. I’d been interested in the lunar cycle and moon phases for a few years, but aligning with it – really aligning with it – has been transformative for me. The yin, the yang, the flow, the deep inner exploration. And brought together so seamlessly and deliciously by Ezzie! What a wonderful gift to the world this is.”

Claire Baker, Coach,

Crescent Moon

Ezzie is just amazing. She is so passionate about people and helping them to grow, and she is so good at her work that you can’t help but feel powerful and excited about life’s possibilities in her presence. … I’ve learnt a lot about myself (in particular, how I can make seemingly conflicting aspects of my personality/drive work together), and as such found new tools to get more of what I want out of life. This has had positive flow-on effects through many aspects of my life over the last year.

Lara, Canberra, Australia

Crescent Moon

Ezzie has dared me to swim down in a bottomless pool of unsolved memories and feelings, which has made me a good swimmer as well as a mermaid. I know better now how I can co-exist with these memories and feelings. Ezzie brings some clarity to the mysteries in life, like love, passion and fear. Both my husband and I are happy for what she did to our life.

Moa, Stockholm, Sweden

Crescent Moon

Ezzie is a true healer and has rare empathetic gifts. I also love the way that she puts archetypal concepts into a deep psychological and spiritual context – it makes it all come together for me.

Zoe, Canberra, Australia

Crescent Moon

I am in love with Ezzie’s method. Ezzie has found a way for women to continue achieving and succeeding WITHOUT burning out! Ezzie has a talent for making deep concepts super simple to implement and I have made truly powerful shifts in my productivity by following her protocol.

Amanda Daley, Wealth Coach,


“Its been a pleasure being a part of the Lunar Abundance Salon this year with Ezzie. I’m learning to listen to my soul and spirit and connect with the universe and the beautiful Lunar cycle. Its wonderful being connected to such talented, caring and inspiring women all over the world. The Salon has helped me guide my life and daily activities with the yin and yang flow. This has been tremendously helpful. This gorgeous practice is also helping me to flourish, grow and continue to nourish myself and allow myself to receive abundance in its various forms. Thank you Ezzie! xxx”

Andrea Zencich, Zen Pilates,


“Lunar Abundance is giving me a stable foundation to connect with the feminine, the mystery, and providing more space and clarity for my mind to work more effectively.

I feel this practice is providing me the opportunity to integrate my spiritual side and practical side with harmony, grace and ease.

I’m feeling my confidence reaching new heights, and I believe in myself, my abilities, my gifts, and my purpose more than ever before.

Ezzie is providing a space to help build a new world; of connection, support and encouragement among the sisters, so we may all rise and shine together.

This is the most exciting and rewarding experience in my life; to connect with the cycles of nature and to feel and see that I’m a part of the magic and mystery of this incredible dance of life.”

Catherine Avonia

Alex testimonial

“The transformation that Lunar Abundance has engendered in my life has been enormous. After struggling with post-natal depression as a new mother I was referred to a psychologist, and later was privileged to have a several sessions with a life coach. These experiences set me on the path to greater self-awareness and better mental health, but it’s Lunar Abundance that has facilitated the greatest change in me and in my life.

This beautiful, gentle practice teaches you a holistic and sustainable way of living. I’ve never felt more in tune with my own body, nor more aware of how this body and this mind are intrinsically linked. It’s like Ezzie has taken the best elements of mindfulness, sustainability and self-inquiry and woven it all seamlessly into a daily practice that helps you to see how you can be an agent of change in your own life’s narrative.

I am literally overflowing with abundance, almost beyond my capacity, but luckily Ezzie’s practice supports you through this too. I am forever grateful for the support and guidance of Ezzie and my fellow Salon Sisters, all of whom are there when I need them with positive vibes, good advice and high fives!”

Alex, Canberra, Australia

Crescent Moon

Having separated and divorced and being a single working mum I was at a real low in December and to quote from my own journal I felt “unsettled, insecure, exhausted, no time for me, worried about the future”.  With the help of the LA practice I have grown so much as a person. The internal work has been unbelievably enlightening and rewarding and as we look towards the second half of the calendar year I feel like a very different person.

– I feel emotionally stable, secure and more aware of who I really am and what makes me happy
– I feel more content and gaining confidence to follow my own path
– I am learning to be discerning financially and when giving my time to others
– I have realised the importance of self love/care and now have ‘disciplines’ that I know keep me grounded and healthy
– I have accepted that I have a problem with my hearing (premature hearing loss) which has been affecting how I function socially and at work and have sought medical help
– I have a new love in my life who is a good, kind and caring man
– I have received love and support from my closest family members and friends
– I have been given an opportunity at work to take on a project to develop my skills and raise my profile but which takes me out of my comfort zone so a little daunting.

I could go further with the list but these are the highlights. I know I have much more to learn and build upon but what an amazing journey in just 6 months! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful practice. I am excited about the future.

Emma C


Ezzie Spencer is luminous as bright as the full moon she speaks about. I spent last Sunday at her masterclass with her and a gorgeous group of women. All either wanting to start businesses or already self employed. All of them wanting what Ezzie has – this divine feminine energy that just radiates from her being. She preaches what she practices embracing the gentle beauty of working intimately with the moon and its cycles to make her life work her way in abundance and joy. She readily admits it not always simple or easy. This makes it more attractive and tangible, more accessible and desirable. I’m a big subscriber to wabi sabi – perfection within imperfection and a huge believer in working with our natural rhythms. The moon is a big part of this. I’ve been working with the moon for many years. It now makes even more sense. As one woman said, ‘We’re 90% water. The moon pulls the tides. It’s too important to be ignored.’

Tune in. You’ll be so glad you did.

Go to Ezzie’s workshops. Join her Salon. You’ll love her and her work. More so, your life and everyone in it will benefit from you doing it too.

Eilish Bouchier,


Joining Ezzie’s Lunar Salon has been such an amazing and intriguing experience for me! During my first lunar cycle within the group, I went through the exciting process of interviewing, negotiating and accepting an offer for my dream job. Ezzie’s technique gently nudges us to be more conscious of how the phases of the moon affect our lives & desires and teaches us the right time to either take action or sit back and observe.

Throughout my first month in the group, I have been astounded at how the timing and events of my “new employment process” have coincided, jived and aligned perfectly to the yin and yang phases of the moon. Having knowledge of these phases has helped me identify how I wish to orient myself in a situation in order to manifest my intentions; such as when I had to summon the courage to ask for what I feel is my monetary worth and make a counter offer on my contract (all during a yang phase by the way)! The information that Ezzie is teaching us are life lessons to abundance and it is such a wonderful experience to be a part of this supportive group of warm, talented and loving women!

Alicia Merritt, Bavaria, Germany


Being part of Ezzie’s Lunar Abundance Salon has been the most fun, fascinating, and beautiful thing I have done this year. Being an avid fan of the natural rhythms of life, I was definitely onboard to learn about the moon cycles. To be honest, I actually didn’t expect to learn as much as I have, or to be witnessing the intentions that I set start to show up in my life. After two moon cycles, I feel that this is just the beginning of a really exciting journey.

I love being able to look up at the sky every night and know exactly where that gorgeous white orb is at, and what energy is being heightened. The more we can live our lives in accordance with nature, the more beauty and flow there is going to be.

Jasmine Matthews-Simpson,

Crescent Moon

My experience in the Salon has been wonderful. The Salon has provided a comfortable space to learn about the phases of the moon and how they affect our emotions. Giving us the tools we need to enhance our own personal growth, at our own pace and remarkably, it’s all our own work, with the support available if we need it. Truly amazing 🙂 I’m forever grateful to you Ezzie 🙂

Raelee Tommasini, Brisbane, Australia


I am loving the Lunar Abundance Salon and almost want to keep it as my own little secret – but that wouldn’t be fair as it’s so good! We are all familiar with the new and full moon phases, but not so much the rest of the month.  I’m enjoying gaining a deeper understanding of the significance and impact of the other phases.

With some aspects being more active and yang and others being more yin and receptive, I realise now I was sometimes making things difficult for myself, by working against the natural flow. This has brought clarity around my own tendencies and how I can best align these with the natural cycles to support myself and my intentions in different areas of my life. It also creates a framework about the optimum times to focus our efforts, or not, as the case may be. Ezzie’s explanations are clear, practical and lovingly executed.

Michelle Marie McGrath, Self-Love Mentor,


I have always loved the moon but was never quite sure why exactly. My path crossed Ezzie’s online a few times and when the invitation to join the Lunar Salon arrived I didn’t even think twice before I was signed up.

Ezzie’s generosity, grace and soul full of wisdom has guided me like a bright and beautiful full moon throughout my journey to understanding how I can use the power of the lunar phases and cycles to create a deliciously, beautiful abundant life.

My life has improved, my happiness has amplified and my connection to my soul and innate wisdom has intensified. What a friend we have in the moon! Thank you Ezzie!

Blythe, Melbourne, Australia


I absolutely love Ezzie’s process – it’s transforming my life, in the most natural and subtle ways.

I was drawn to the program wanting to learn more about lunar energy and yet what has evolved has been life-changing. No longer rigid and structured, I’m following the ebb and flow, the rhythms of life. I’m happier, more at peace and naturally attracting wonderful things to me with very little effort. It has the most magical feel and I can’t help but smile at the simplicity of it all. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so supported and content.

This is truly special – not only the innovative program that Ezzie has created but also her loving guidance and the support of all the incredible women that are also taking part on this journey. Thanks Ezzie!

Amy Miller, Intuitive Healer & Blogger,


Ezzie, I’ve been following your Lunar technique for a little while now – but being in the Salon has tuned this process in such a rich and beautiful way.

As our Moonguide, your fresh spirit, your attention to all the details and the way you gently support and encourage each member’s intentions is really helping me to expand into this practice, to glean lots of insights, and to face up to challenges with healthy self-compassion.

You’ve created a nurturing space that also maintains healthy boundaries within the group. Probably one of the best things is having your quiet reminders to be kind to ourselves when things aren’t going as intended.

I also love that we’re developing a deeper understanding of how to work with the natural rhythms of our world.

Sheridan Kennedy, Bespoke Jeweller,

Crescent Moon

At first the idea of tracking the moon and setting monthly intentions sounded like more work in my already busy life. BUT, as I worked through the first few moon phases I was amazed to see the positive impacts and felt more motivated to keep going! Ezzie’s simple and practical tools have helped me make some serious shifts in my outlook on life and have given me greater insights around how I am the master of my own happiness and abundance!

Kate, Radio Producer, Australia

Crescent Moon

In just a short time, Ezzie, you have helped me understand what I feel and need. With your Lunar Abundance technique, I have started to find the link between deep core feelings and how to receive what I need, rather than focusing on achieving things. But by understanding the link, somehow I achieve lots and lots…

Pernilla, Stockholm, Sweden


This Lunar Abundance Salon has been an amazing journey so far. Without a doubt, it has helped me to live each day with more intention and surrender to the flow of life. I highly recommend this to anyone seeking to work with the flow, rather than against it.

As soon as I got the email from Ezzie that this Lunar Abundance Salon was starting, I knew I had to be involved. I was hoping to discover a way of going about my life and my goals in a gentle flow sort of way, rather than a pushy pushy way. I discovered this and more in the salon.

I knew nothing about the moon cycles. I am a beginning beginner when it comes to “waxing moons” and the like. But it didn’t matter. Ezzie is such an amazing teacher and guide, providing ample support and information for each phase of the moon. From helping me to set my intention and then providing feedback on any questions and queries I might have – despite being part of a group, Ezzie makes it feel like a really personal experience.

The group is amazing too!! It is such a blessing to be part of a like-minded community of beautiful souls, all there serving and supporting each other. We celebrate each other’s wins and send love for the low times.

All in all, I really love being in the salon and watching my practice each month deepen and evolve on new levels. Thanks Ezzie!!

Michelle Jack, Coach & Strategist,


I have absolutely loved working with Ezzie! Her warmth and genuine charm shine through in everything she does. She has brought such a wonderful understanding of the flow of the moon phases to me. I’ve always been an intention setter but doing this practice under the guidance of Ezzie and the moon has brought it to a whole new level. The synchronicities within my life have been a direct reflection of my intentions set within the Lunar Salon. It’s have been quite amazing!

Jackie DeBlasio

Crescent Moon

After only a few months since I joined the Lunar Salon I can’t believe the growth I have experienced. With the support of Ezzie and the Salon sisters I am more honest with myself than I have ever been. And that means I am kinder to myself, I am learning how to say no and how to say yes-without guilt. I really feel I am sowing the seeds to an abundant and beautiful life! It’s an incredible process and I am so happy to be living my life with this knowledge and understanding.

Kristy, Brisbane, Australia

Crescent Moon

Ezzie shares her knowledge and intuition generously.

Her method and the accompanying guidance from the Salon supports my work toward a more authentic self, both personally and professionally.

I look forward to continuing this journey with her.

Corinna, New York City, United States


“I was on a heart led journey when Ezzie’s Lunar Abundance Salon came into my life. The timing was perfect and I knew I had to be a part of it. I was learning to let go of the need to control every aspect of my life. In learning to have more faith, trust and surrender in Life itself, I knew a greater awareness of the moon cycles was part of this path. Ezzie is a wealth of knowledge of the moon cycle and the energy of each phase. Her intimate experience of the phases allows her to create a wonderfully nurturing space in which she guides us to lean more into these naturally supportive Life energies. Each cycle I am amazed to learn and affirm how truly connected we all are through this practice and excited to watch as intentions unfold. Thanks Ezzie for creating this space and sharing your practice. I can’t recommend your Salon more highly enough for anyone drawn to the magic of the moon.”

Natasha Tay,


Ezzie’s practice is wonderful for many reasons. Ezzie’s considered process, thoughtful prompts and supportive guidance empowers you to make positive changes and find your own path towards what you want in life.  I’ve loved learning Ezzie’s practice and have made significant improvements to my life and business since adopting her principles. What’s more, Ezzie’s warmth and friendly approach make her world a pleasure to be a part of.

Louise Robinson, Writer,


Working with Ezzie in the Lunar Abundance Salon has been such a joy. Through Ezzie’s powerful teachings, I have gone deeper into not only my relationship with myself, but with my understanding of the moon cycles. I have never felt so connected to the Universe and myself before.

Ezzie’s passion and energy is infectious and the space she has created is nurturing, curious and so much fun. Her presence and willingness to share and teach is something really special. I feel incredibly grateful to be part of the Salon.

Amelia Williams, Life + Wellness Coach,

Crescent Moon

Ezzie, I feel like you get it. You’ve been the A-type overachiever and you’ve come out the other side!

Ellen, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Crescent Moon

This is different: it’s not hippy mumble jumble or preachy self help. Ezzie’s work is practical, refreshing and inspiring: it’s for a modern woman who is realizing that in all her hard work for a career or starting a family, she might be missing something. It helped me understand what was missing, how I can enjoy life more!

The course is full of useful exercises and written in a fun way that tackles issues that I think most women can identify with. For me, the course is the beginning of something new, the start of an exciting journey where the brilliant Ezzie Spencer leads the way.

Kat, Shanghai, China