Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Insights

You know your starsign, but what about your moon sign?

And how might that information help you tap into your inner peace and thrive, right now?

Your starsign reveals information about your conscious self, your thinking mind.

Your moonsign reveals your deeper emotions and feelings, your subconscious mind, and your yin, feminine nature.

Right now, many are struggling with stress and anxiety, overwhelm and frustration, confusion and fear. 

This current enforced global pause is not exactly a vacation.

One of the ways to channel difficult emotions is to channel these into higher purpose.

And this is exactly what these personal Lunar Insights can help you with.

I’ve worked with my moon sign deeply myself, and with my private clients, for the past decade.

And now for a limited time, I’m lifting the lunar veil and offering personal Lunar Insights to you.

These Lunar Insight readings are based on YOUR personal moon sign at birth.


Lunar Insights, personal lunar insights for anyone who wants to tap into inner peace and thrive in these challenging times by connecting with your own inner moon.


“There is a moon inside all of us; learn to make friends with it” – Rumi


What is included in your personal Lunar Insights:

  • Potent lunar insights from me (Ezzie!) intuited from YOUR moon sign calculated from my birth time (practical and unique to the best ways to channel YOUR emotional energy right now — you won’t find this on any app).


  • Personal transmission to help you anchor these insights in your body to guide effective action (feels like a meditation that you can listen to whenever your mind starts whirling or freezes).


  • A 15 min MP3 audio recorded personally for you to listen to over and over, while cooped up inside.

One payment of $95

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Note you receive a unique PERSONAL audio, recorded by me, exclusively for YOU, and delivered to you via email.


Note: after purchase, please email with your exact date, time and place of birth. Time of birth should be accurate within 10-15 minutes, and can be found by asking parents, checking your birth certificate, or checking with the hospital or records office in your jurisdiction. 


I look forward to helping to liberate you from pain in this time.