Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards + Moon Lamp

I am thrilled to introduce the Lunar Abundance Reflection Cards, and the Lunar Abundance Mini-Moon Lamp. Both are based on my Lunar Abundance Book and Journal.

The Cards & Lamp will be available in June 2024 and may be pre-ordered below now.

I have created a bonus pre-order video that includes how to use the cards, turning on the lamp, and a special card pull for you.

How to get instant access to your bonus now:

  1. Order the Cards, Lamp, or both!
  2. Send an email with your receipt and “Bonus” in the subject line to:

Where to order? Search online, ask your local bookshop or click the button below to find many easy order links online.

The below link takes you first to the Lamp, listed as “Trade Paperback”. On mobile: click the drop-down menu to find the Cards. On desktop: click the Cards button to the right.

The links underneath both the Cards and Lamp pages take you to U.S. retailers AND where you can order in Australia/NZ, the UK and Canada — click through for local retailers.

Pre-orders really help authors, so thank you!


All best