Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Interview with Soul Sister Circle


Tickets for my Soul Sister book tour events are selling like hotcakes!

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And for a taster, listen in to my latest podcast interview, with Bec from Soul Sister Circle.

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In this podcast episode we chat about:

  • My personal journey from training and working as a lawyer, to completing my PhD and how, through noticing the patterns in my own life, I developed the practice I now call Lunar Abundance
  • How applying the Lunar Abundance principles helped me to grow and shape my business
  • What “Abundance” actually means to me
  • How I work with all eight lunar phases and the Yang and Yin energies of the moon cycle
  • What to expect from my upcoming book, An Abundant Life: Flourishing with the cycles of the moon
  • How I applied Lunar Abundance to joyfully write and publish my book
  • Where to start on your own journey of abundance

Hope to see you on the book tour!

Listen to the interview with Soul Sister Circle here

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