Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Abundance is on the Lively Show!

How to work with moon cycles as a tool for planning life and career.

My friend Jess Lively has a great podcast. We’re often chatting about the practical application for the mystical and esoteric … and we recorded a conversation about the moon.

This podcast episode is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about the lunar cycles, or how to incorporate more flow and rest into busy lives.

Tune in here to hear us riff on these themes:

  • How the moon cycle can operate as an excellent tool for self-inquiry and reflection.
  • Since you can see and time the moon’s phases, you can bring a sense of balance into your own life and your work.

  • Using the moon cycles as a practice to integrate in today’s busy, modern life in way that can take as little as five minutes a day.

  • Why the New Moon phase is a opportunity to set an intention for yourself for the whole month.

  • How the second phase of the moon (Crescent Moon) offers the opportunity to step back and allow what is growing to grow at its own pace.

  • How the first Quarter Moon phase helps us take discerning actions towards your intention.

  • Why the Gibbous phase is challenging since we are very close to the Full Moon, or the peak of the journey and why we need to stay open and trust what is going on.

  • The Full Moon phase as the point at which we have a breakthrough and is the place to really let go and move forward.

  • How the sixth phase of the moon cycle is an opportunity to practice receiving what’s coming into your life.

  • The Third Quarter phase is the time for the final push or action towards your intention.

  • The eighth phase, the Balsamic Moon, is the opportunity to sink-in to where you are and reflect on the journey from the beginning of the month.

  • Why Yin and Yang are relative terms to you and your life and what’s going on with you and who you are around as well.

xo Ezzie

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