Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Abundance® shows you how to align with natural rhythms for ease, joy and flow.

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“The transformation that Lunar Abundance has engendered in my life has been enormous. After struggling with post-natal depression as a new mother I was referred to a psychologist, and later was privileged to have a several sessions with a life coach. These experiences set me on the path to greater self-awareness and better mental health, but it’s Lunar Abundance that has facilitated the greatest change in me and in my life.

This beautiful, gentle practice teaches you a holistic and sustainable way of living. I’ve never felt more in tune with my own body, nor more aware of how this body and this mind are intrinsically linked. It’s like Ezzie has taken the best elements of mindfulness, sustainability and self-inquiry and woven it all seamlessly into a daily practice that helps you to see how you can be an agent of change in your own life’s narrative.

I am literally overflowing with abundance, almost beyond my capacity, but luckily Ezzie’s practice supports you through this too. I am forever grateful for the support and guidance of Ezzie and my fellow Salon Sisters, all of whom are there when I need them with positive vibes, good advice and high fives!”

— Alex, Canberra, Australia


We create routines around the rising and setting of the sun.

Many of us notice the moon as a nightly and monthly measure of change as well, so why don’t we also create patterns around the moon?

For me, the moon cycle represents abundance and offers a gentler, more effective way of living.

This is Lunar Abundance – find out more, and start the practice right away.

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Book + Journal

The Lunar Abundance® book is a step-by-step guide to flourishing with the cycles of the moon.

You’ll discover how to craft intentions, and work with natural ebbs and flows, to cultivate peace, stability, and purpose in your personal and professional life.

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Blog + Podcast

Read my articles + listen to my latest podcast episodes!

You’ll find practical posts about how to work effectively with the moon cycle, extended audio conversations, and Lunar Abundance podcast episodes on frequently asked questions such as the link between the moon and menstrual cycle.

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Free Planner

How’d you like an easy, elegant way to start tracking the moon phases?

This free planner is designed to help you create a better life by following the moon.

(There’s one for the Northern Hemisphere and another for the Southern Hemisphere)

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