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Why Set an Intention at the New Moon? – Podcast Episode 7

Lunar Abundance Podcast Episode 7 - Why set an intention at the New Moon

Why set an intention at the New Moon?

The answers are in this podcast episode…!

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Show notes

  • The different ways of working with the moon and why I find working with the moon cycle in an 8 phase manner the most meaningful.

  • How working with the moon, as a tool for self reflection and natural timekeeper, can help you step away from the very Yang, always pushing and striving way of being and in turn to relax, go within and connect with your desires.

  • How setting an intention at the New Moon is a useful way to check in with yourself and where you are at in your life and what you want to cultivate at this time.

  • Why the underpinning theories that ground Lunar Abundance support the seeding of an intention at the New Moon.

  • Why the New Moon, as a time of literal and metaphorical darkness, is an invitation to go within and investigate what it is that you desire, before planting a metaphorical seed in your life through your intention.

  • When is the next New Moon? Download your Lunar Abundance planner here.

If you’d like to learn more about how to set New Moon intentions listen to this podcast episode + download the bonus intention setting audio.

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  • My copy of your book arrived just before the New Moon, a day after I listened to this podcast episode. I love what you wrote about setting an intention to find an intention; this came at the perfect time, as I couldn’t decide what to focus on this month!

    I was also filled with joy to see the photograph of the Northern Lights at the top of this page, as the Northern Lights hold a special meaning to me. Gazing at the image while listening to the podcast episode proved to be very relaxing and calming!

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