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Why is the New Moon a Yang Phase? – Podcast Episode 9

Lunar Abundance Podcast Why is the New Moon Yang
Why is the New Moon a Yang Phase?

The New Moon is a time of literal and figurative darkness, beckoning us to look inward and feel into what we really want to cultivate in our lives.

Such internal exploration, a time of being, receiving and tune into your inner knowing, may seem Yin in nature.

Why then, is the New Moon a Yang phase in the Lunar Abundance practice?

Tune into this episode to find out.

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Show notes

  • Why the New Moon is a Yang phase.
  • How intention setting relates to the New Moon’s Yang energy.
  • How Yin + Yang exist as relative to each other – not absolute concepts.
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If you’d like to learn more about working with this initiatory yang energy to set an intention at the New Moon tune into this podcast episode.

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Tell me in the comments below: What does the New Moon phase feel like to you? Do you feel the Yang energy?



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