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Is the New Moon at the same time all over the World? – Podcast Episode 11

Lunar Abundance Podcast Episode 11 - Does the New Moon happen at the same time all over the world?

Is it the New Moon at the same time around the world?

This is the end of Season One of the Lunar Abundance podcast!

Tune in to find out whether the New Moon happens at the same time around the world?

And in fact, do all of the Moon Phases occur at the same time around the world?

Maybe the answer to this seems obvious to you, but I am asked this ALL the time and my blog post on this topic last year is my MOST READ post of all time — so I thought it was time to record a podcast episode on it too!

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Show notes

  • Why you can follow the Lunar Abundance practice in real time no matter where you are in the world.

  • Why the moon and sun’s relationship with the earth’s orbit means that all eight moon phases occur at the same time regardless of where you are located.

  • How timezones affect the particular time that the New Moon (and other phases) occurs in your part of the world.

  • How different moonrise times around the world mean the moon will not be visible everywhere in the same way at any one time.

  • Why the moon phases appear differently in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

  • The magical fact that we are all unified under one moon and how powerful tuning into its natural ebbs and flows may be for us as a global community.

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