Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Is it Just Women who Can Work with the Moon Cycle? – Podcast Episode 10

Can only Women work with the Moon Cycle?

As the women I work with explore the magical and transformative process of working with the moon cycle they are often enthused to shared it with others…including the men in their lives! (and what about other genders?)

Tune into this episode to hear my thoughts.

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Show notes

  • Why, regardless of gender identity, we are all able to foster a healthy balance of Yin & Yang energy within us (something Lunar Abundance helps with!)
  • Why in my personal experience, despite being available to all, women are more drawn to working with the moon cycle & reclaiming the Yin.
  • Why even when men do feel drawn to work with the moon cycle it is often in a different way, with a focus on the Yang phases.
  • The importance of encouraging the men in your life to find a language of knowledge & self transformation that resounds with them and leading by example through joy, inspiration and abundance.

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Tell me in the comments below: How have the men in your lives responded to your work with Moon Cycles? Or if you identify as a man, what have your experiences of working with the moon been like?



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