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Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Interviews

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I’m lucky enough to get to chat to wonderful women about my work on many-a-podcast.

If you’d like to find out more about the moon — and my journey into this work — tune in to the conversations, below.

Jess Lively

In this conversation we chat about:

  • How the moon cycle can operate as an excellent tool for self-inquiry and reflection.
  • Since you can see and time the moon’s phases, you can bring a sense of balance into your own life and your work.

  • Using the moon cycles as a practice to integrate in today’s busy, modern life in way that can take as little as five minutes a day.

  • Why the New Moon phase is a opportunity to set an intention for yourself for the whole month.

  • How the second phase of the moon (Crescent Moon) offers the opportunity to step back and allow what is growing to grow at its own pace.

  • How the first Quarter Moon phase helps us take discerning actions towards your intention.

  • Why the Gibbous phase is challenging since we are very close to the Full Moon, or the peak of the journey and why we need to stay open and trust what is going on.

  • The Full Moon phase as the point at which we have a breakthrough and is the place to really let go and move forward.

  • How the sixth phase of the moon cycle is an opportunity to practice receiving what’s coming into your life.

  • The Third Quarter phase is the time for the final push or action towards your intention.

  • The eighth phase, the Balsamic Moon, is the opportunity to sink-in to where you are and reflect on the journey from the beginning of the month.

  • Why Yin and Yang are relative terms to you and your life and what’s going on with you and who you are around as well.

Listen to the interview with Jess Lively here

Emma Seibold from Barre Body Australia

In this conversation we chat about:

  • How the moon can help us to live a life of abundance + how to harness the power of the moon cycle.
  • A good episode to tune into if you are interested in learning more about full moon and new moon rituals.

Listen to the interview with Emma Seibold here

Sam Nolan Smith 

In this conversation we chat about:

  • My lunar inspired, holistic self care practice.
  • My personal understanding of abundance
  • Benefits of working with a self care cycle that flows between yin + yang
  • Examples of effective and ineffective yang and yin
  • The concept of discernment and how it applies to both getting clear on what you want and on receiving with ease and flow.

Listen to the interview with Sam Nolan Smith here


Susana Frioni

In this podcast episode we chat about:

  • What 3 things I am celebrating in my life right now.
  • The importance of cultivating real life connections and community
  • What the Lunar Abundance practice is and how it changed my life
  • How working with the moon cycle can benefit your life and creativity
  • Reconnecting with your body and celebrating your menstrual cycle
  • Why integrating both Yin and Yang modes of operating is essential for inner balance
  • What I am am currently exploring in the realms of love, sex and desire
  • 3 simple ways you can evoke pleasure in your body

Listen to the interview with Susana Frioni here

Caroline Zwickson

In this interview we chat about:

  • All of the basics you need to know about the moon + how living with the cycles of the moon can bring more ease & calmness into your life.

Click here to listen to my interview with Caroline Zwickson

Sara Stibitz 

In this podcast episode we chat about:

  • How to work with the moon phases for a more harmony, productivity + flow
  • How I use the moon phases in her day to day working life (and why this is particularly useful for writers!)

Listen to the interview with Sara Stibitz here

Hayley Carr

Click here to listen

In this conversation we chat about:

  • How I found this unusual and exciting work
  • How to make a transition from a more traditional career to entrepreneurship
  • How to deal with resistance and naysayers if or when they show up
  • Taking the leap into something scary and different to what you’re used to
  • How the principles of yin and yang work within the moon cycles
  • How you can use the principles of yin, yang and the moon to make your current work and creative projects come to life with ease and joy – and big results.
  • How I worked with the Lunar Abundance practice to write my book
  • How to understand the Yin (it doesn’t mean just dropping everything and sleeping for 4 days!)
    … and so much more.

Listen to the interview with Hayley Carr here

It Girl Radio (Jessica Nazarali)

In this podcast episode we chat about:

  • Lunar phases and how you can work with them to cultivate abundance in all aspects of your life
  • How you can align your strengths with your passions to help you focus on your purpose in life
  • The power of moon cycles and how you can work with these to create a better life for yourself, and your loved ones
  • Why moon cycles are especially beneficial to entrepreneurs and how these cycles can be used to create a highly productive schedule and workload
  • How starting a lunar journal and tying it to lunar cycles can help you tune into yourself and reconnect with who you truly are
  • Why it’s ultra important to tap into what you’re feeling and needing at any given moment so you can have access to consistent creativity and energy

Click here to listen to my interview with Jessica Nazarali

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