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Why does the moon have the effect it does? — Podcast Episode 5

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Podcast What is the Moon's Effect

What effect does the moon have … and how do we explain it?

In this episode, we are exploring a topic shrouded with mystery — how exactly do we explain the moon’s effect on us down here on Earth?

We dive into the many theories floating around about what effect the moon has on us both objectively and subjectively and explore the idea of working with the Moon on a deeply personal level as a Mirror that can illuminate our emotional terrain.

We also explore why it is that the moon might have this effect on our inner and outer worlds (and how the very act of our own observation can imbue the Moon Cycle with meaning).

In my experience, just paying attention to our bodies can bring shifts in our inner world and foster deep self connection with our own desires and cycles… in turn, helping us to create an abundant, authentic and fulfilling life.

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Show notes:

  • We explore how working the moon as a therapeutic metaphor can enrich your life by helping you to explore your own inner landscape, physical sensations and emotions.
  • We discuss the objective effects the moon has on our external world – for example our collective trouble sleeping at the Full Moon!
  • We explore both causal and correlative explanations for why the moon effects us in the way that it does.
  • We consider how the very act of observation and paying attention to the Moon imbues it’s cycle with meaning in a powerful way that fosters deep self connection.
  • The importance of not buying into disempowering cultural myths around “the Moon made me do it” but instead connecting with your own experience of the Moon Cycle.

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