Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Lunar Abundance Bookclub Tips

Thank you for considering the Lunar Abundance book for your bookclub!

This post includes some tips on holding your own Lunar Abundance bookclub gathering. Since the Lunar Abundance book was published, I’ve received many notes from those who have picked it as their bookclub book, reporting that it was really fun to read and discuss the book together in a group.

The book fosters connection so it’s a great bookclub choice!

You can find the Lunar Abundance book wherever books are sold, online and offline.

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How to Hold a Bookclub

Haven’t run a bookclub before?

It’s so easy, and so fun. Simply:

1. Pick a book (Lunar Abundance, hee hee!).

2. Pick a date (more on that below).

3. Pick a place — eg a cafe, park or even your kitchen table on an afternoon or weekend, and then invite your friends, perhaps asking them to bring a plate or a bottle of kombucha to share!

You may gather for a couple hours. If you’re hosting the bookclub, you might want to kick off the discussion by first offering your thoughts on the book. You may wish to then throw it over to the group, asking generally what people thought of the book, or perhaps asking each of your fellow bookclubbers in turn to offer up their thoughts (discussion prompts below).

As the Lunar Abundance book includes suggested ceremonies, it might be a fun twist to include one of these in your actual gathering (more on that below).

Usually the conversation is quite organic and flows after the first person shares. The key is not to be serious about it! Bookclub is as much about connection, good food and laughs amongst good conversation — the book is often a diving off point for juicy discussions on similar themes.

Bookclub Timing Considerations

The book makes best sense when read in sync with the moon phases in the sky. Allocate the book 2 weeks before the next New Moon, allowing everyone time to order the book before the moon cycle starts.

You can download the free Lunar Abundance Planner with New Moon dates here.

The book works best as an EXPERIENCE rather than just an intellectual read. This means that you get a huge amount out of the book when you complete the journal exercises, do the ceremonies etc.

You may wish to set your book club meeting at a New Moon (one month after reading) so you can set intentions together as a bookclub.

Another idea is to hold your bookclub at a Full Moon so you can practice the Full Moon ceremony together.

Free New and Full Moon meditations and more resources here.

Bookclub Discussion prompts

There are many journal prompts throughout the book, and free resources to download throughout this site. Here are some extra discussion prompts which have stimulated discussion in other Lunar Abundance bookclubs:

  • Did any one moon phase feel particularly impactful for you?
  • What was your New Moon intention? Did it surprise you? (Did it come to fruition?)
  • What did you release at the Full Moon? How did you feel afterwards?
  • “Practices are experienced and felt, they garner results through process, and they become a way of life. Practices involve devotion and commitment, as well as consistency as repetition, and those who persevere will see cumulative effects over time.” –> Do you have practices in your life, the Lunar Abundance practice or otherwise? What effects do you see from them?
  • “When I refer to ‘abundance,’ I’m not just using this as a synonym for money — and certainly do not mean greed or excess. I mean it as a way of being, of living in the overflow (with certain thoughts, and actions, flowing in from this in turn) — a way to invite more goodness into your life.” –> What’s your relationship to abundance? Has the book changed this for you?
  • Think of an example from your own life where you pushed yourself a little too hard (yang) and paid the price for it. –> How can you imagine it would have gone differently if you had eased up and added a little more yin?
  • If you weren’t “into the moon” or things like this, did the book change your perspective on it? How?
  • Have you experienced Imposter Syndrome? What facts about yourself dispute that?
  • What is your relationship to the spiritual and divine? Does the book change anything here?
  • What is your relationship to your feelings and emotions?
  • What is your relationship to the ebb and flow of life?
  • Will the Lunar Abundance practice be something that you will try for another moon cycle?

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Thanks again for picking the Lunar Abundance book for your bookclub. Love to hear your thoughts!

May the moon light your way to greater joy, peace and purpose! 



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