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The Connection between Moon + Menstrual Cycles (+ free Tracker) — Podcast Episode 4

Dr Ezzie Spencer An Abundant Life Moon Cycle + Menstrual Cycles

What is the connection between the moon cycle & your moon cycle?

In this episode, we are exploring a much discussed and asked about topic — what exactly is the connection between the moon cycle and our menstrual cycles?

The relationship between the moon cycle and our menstrual cycles is something many women are curious about as we often feel an instinctual sense that there is some kind of synchronicity between the two cycles.

In this episode I’ll share my personal perspective and experience on the connection between these cycles, as well as how I approach understanding and nurturing your body and its rhythms.

In order to help you explore the themes I discuss in the episode more deeply, there’s a free Moon + Menstrual tracker to accompany this episode — you can download that right below the episode.

Even if you do not bleed at this time,

you may still find this episode insightful and valuable as the key message is the importance of connecting with, and listening to, our bodies and their rhythms more generally.

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Show notes:

  • Curious about the history of women tracking their cycles and the moon? We explore this and consider some of the theories of moon time synchronicity throughout the ages.
  • I share the specific benefits I have witnessed hundreds of women experience in regards to their menstrual cycles after beginning to track the moon.
  • The deeper message (love your unique experience of being in your body with its unique cycles — no need to create problems where none exist!).
  • If you want to go deeper into moon phases, check out my book here.
  • Would you like to track the moon more closely? Grab your free Lunar Planner here.
  • Want more moon love? Sign up here for a free mini-series on the moon cycle

Download your free beautiful Menstrual + Moon Tracker by clicking the below graphic:

Free Printable Moon and Menstrual Tracker Feminine cycle Lunar Abundance

Tell me in the comments below: What have you discovered about your menstrual cycle + moon cycle ?



If you know others who may also be curious about the links between the two moon cycles, please share.

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  • I didn’t start tracking my moon blood cycle until recently, but I found it very interesting that I start bleeding just before (or after) the Disseminating Moon phase. Resting during this time definitely helps me to receive more easily. I’m glad it seems that my body knows exactly what it’s doing!

  • I have a 3.5 month old and would love to synchronize my cycle with the moon. Any tips on encouraging my body? I have heard about seed cycling: i.e. First half of the month add flax and the second half add sunflower? Ideas?

    • Hi Tori, I don’t personally try to synchronize my cycle with the moon, for the reasons given in this podcast episode 🙂

      Tracking is a great idea for coming into closer relationship with your body — have you downloaded my free moon + menstrual planner?

  • I’m a little confused — are the numbers the dates in the month? Like this month, new moon wasn’t on the first, was it? Or are the numbers the days of your cycle?

  • Hi I just started following my cycle too.
    I am deaf and I was wondering if you could tell me more about it? I can’t listen to videos
    Cheers, Mariska. Love your book by the way 😘

  • I had the IUD, and when I took it out it took my body 2 years to get back to a regular cycle. I was feeling very imbalanced and I didn’t know when it would come or when it would be done. Now I have been tracking it for about 8 months of it being predictable again. YAY!! I feel like it helps me to get back into a flow that I can count on and doesn’t feel so foreign to me. One thing I really enjoy about using the moon as a symbol is that I can apply the principles of the phases to my own waxing and waning of energy. And then seeing how it intertwines with the waxing and waning of the full and new moons.

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