Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

Life is made up of patterns and rhythms.

We create routines around the rising and setting of the sun.

We follow patterns associated with the changing of seasons.

And, for thousands of years, we have all followed the cycle of birth, life, reproduction, and death.

We are in tune with these measures of time and change.

Many of us notice the moon as a nightly and monthly measure of change as well, so why don’t we also create patterns around the moon?

For me — Ezzie Spencer PhD — the moon represents our subconscious, our feelings and emotions.

The moon cycle also represents abundance and offers a gentler, more effective way of living.

Those I work with often feel like they have to push harder, stretch themselves more, give more, and utilise every second to its maximum potential in order to achieve abundance.

They give and they give and they give and they give, yet they feel like they’re running in circles. They work and they try so hard, and they know there is more within themselves — but they aren’t quite getting there.

Lunar Abundance is super practical :  it shows how to work with the natural rhythms of the moon.

By working with the ebb and flow of the moon cycle, you can naturally connect to your work, your life, your relationships, and your surroundings — and invite more abundance, prosperity, and peace into your life, without burning out.

In my experience, this lunar practice helps us to create a more abundant life — and also feel more energised, more relaxed, more secure, and more aware of our deeper desires and purpose.

Again and again and again.

Salon Sisters!

Members and graduates of Ezzie Spencer’s Lunar Abundance Salon

Instead of working so hard against the natural flow, overly exerting yourself, and then crossing your fingers as you hope that chance is on your side…

I teach you to work with natural rhythms, bring your intentions into reality, and be an agent of change in your own life’s narrative.

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Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Greenery

I’m Ezzie Spencer, and this is my practice

Lunar Abundance was seeded 10 years ago when I was working in the very intellectual world of the law: making a difference with my work, for sure, but feeling that something elemental was missing. 

My mind was fully engaged but I was disconnected from the wisdom of my own body and my heart. I would write in my journal at night to make sense of how I was feeling – to work out what I was feeling.

I’ve always felt intrigued by the moon, and about ten years ago, I started to track her cycle by drawing little symbols in my journal entries to represent the moon phase within each moon cycle.

Over some cycles, I noticed correlations between my feelings and where the moon was in the sky. Fascinated, I started to explore and then work more intentionally with these patterns.

This is how the moon cycle became my gateway to creating a personal practice that marries intellect with intuition (because I believe that both are important): Lunar Abundance.

Lunar Abundance draws on my interest in moon cycles, archetypes, patterns and systems, meditation, embodiment, effective growth, and self-realisation. I’ve learnt from many teachers and authors, including Kevin Farrow, Demetra George, Steven Forrest, Marc Laurenson, Sandra + David Mosley, Saida Désilets, and Tom Starke- as well as through self inquiry, nature, and my Salon Sisters!

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Free Lunar Planner

Lunar Abundance has helped me to find richness in the flow of the moon

On an ongoing basis, this practice helps me to keep reconnecting with my body: to become present.

It has also helped me find feminine flow: still getting work done, and taking care of myself.

It has also helped me cultivate abundance in all forms: finances, relationships, creativity, love.

I feel secure, knowing that there’s more than enough for me.

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Two Moons

Lunar Abundance is about claiming your personal power

We work with the moon cycle as natural time-keeper, but the moon does not make us “do” anything- how disempowering would that be?


Over time, I hope this practice will help you to give back from a full cup

to serve with joy, generosity and healthy boundaries rather than from a place of guilt, lack and fatigue.

This practice will help you cultivate a fuller, richer love for who you really are. It will help you to experience and live in accordance with your flow and cycles, and to live with deeper purpose.

My hope is that Lunar Abundance will help you create a sense of inner calm, to find your place in this – at times – incomprehensible world, and to enjoy yourself a bit more!

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Moon Cycle Graphic

The moon is here for us, always.

She is always waxing and waning, moving through her eight phases.

There is always another moon cycle starting each month. She is always there when we look up at night, reminding us to feel within.

She reminds us of the magnitude of the sky above – and reminds us too that our feet are currently planted here, on our beautiful Earth.

The moon cycle provides the fertile ground to seed and grow our intentions. Slowly, gently. There is no rush. 

The continual flow of the moon’s cycle speaks to us of the essence of abundance. We can always feel connected to her quiet and subtle magic.

La Luna is our trusted guide for our flourishing, our entry into the mystery.

Dr Ezzie Spencer Lunar Abundance Feminine

Will she also be yours?

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About Dr Ezzie Spencer

Dr Ezzie Spencer wants people to flourish. She is a published author, and creator of Lunar Abundance, a lunar-inspired self-care practice. Ezzie is the author of the best-selling book, Lunar Abundance: Cultivating Joy, Peace and Purpose using the Phases of the Moon (published in Australia as An Abundant Life). Ezzie started out as a lawyer and holds a PhD in therapeutic jurisprudence. Together with tracking the moon cycle, this was her entry into the importance of the emotional realm, which she continues to explore through her work today. Ezzie helps tens of thousands of people around the world cultivate self-worth, creativity and confidence in a playful way.

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