Lunar Abundance by Ezzie Spencer

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“Working with Dr. Ezzie Spencer produced a cataclysmic shift in my perspective- and more so in how I FEEL about my future. She has a gift of laser sharp focus, clarity, and analysis- all wrapped in a gentle, compassionate, feminine way.

So often I find myself embedded in work that is either very “goal-oriented/ masculine” or extremely “feeling based/ feminine” and although I love both for various parts and periods of my life, Ezzie is an alchemist creating an experience that allowed me to SEE myself and true possibilities for my future with a marriage of both the yin and the yang.

Ezzie has firmly awakened my vision to that of one of economic empowerment and financial and professional freedom- with an evolving plan that is FEELING based. Working with Ezzie was one of my best investments in myself.”

— Dr. Jennifer Mullan, New York City


Here, we believe that abundance is a way of living in the overflow: that there is more than enough for us.

It includes but is not limited to material success: we also seek love and purpose.

Find out what Lunar Abundance is, and how you can start the practice right away.

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The Lunar Abundance Salon is an online program and private community nurtured by Ezzie.

This chart gives the basics of the Lunar Abundance program, which is Ezzie Spencer’s own feminine practice for creating a better life by following the moon cycle.

You can download a free high-quality print file of this chart on this page.

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Read Ezzie Spencer’s regular articles and leave your thoughts in the comments section.

You’ll find practical posts about how to work with the moon cycle, and reflections on popular topics such as the link between the moon and menstrual cycle.

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Free Planner

How’d you like an easy, elegant way to start tracking the moon phases?

This free planner is designed to help you create a better life by following the moon.

(There’s one for the Northern Hemisphere and another for the Southern Hemisphere)

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